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General Directors

Caca Santos


Brazilian,born in Belo Horizonte City, capital of Minas Gerais state, Cacá Santos, Live in The United State of America since 1980.
Santos is promoter And the Diretor Social - BAUA Brazilian América United Association, in Newark New Jersey.As a promoter,he celebrated his victorious debut during the Brazilian Independence  Day Feast, Éverton September 7",on the Streets of Newark, New Jersey,quiche is verti g proportions never seen before.
In 2003, Santos ocupeis the leadership of the Miss Brazil USA Beauty Contest, from the previous proprietor the jornalista Carlos Borges. I never could imagine that one day I would be the national director of Miss Brazil USA, it's really a Dream come trupe",said Cacá Santos.

Cindy Gorsica

Marketing director

Cindy Gorsica entered the South Florida real estate profession in 1985, and was instrumental as director of sales and marketing for groundbreaking, master planned residential communities and condominiums for leading national and international builder developers.

You ca see more https://www.compass.com/agents/miami/cindy-gorsica/

Blad Meneguel

Social Director 

Miss Brasil USA
My name is Blad Meneghel
natural Sao Paulo Brazil
was :
Director of the international globe, broadcaster
Graduated in cinema
Ended to international cremmy with XSPP 4

Flávio Iryoda


Fashion photographer who specializes in haute couture editorials. Born in Brazil from a Japanese family, his photographs have been published internationally in the US, South America and Europe. 


With a peculiar taste of the unexpected and tendency to break the typical clichés, Flávio believes there are no boundaries to express fashion through photography. Uncertainty, confusion and unease drives his desires to create curiosity (or disgust) for those who experience his work.


Flávio is co-founder of AVESSA, an eCommerce website that curates the very best in clothing and accessories for the contemporary woman who outstands from the norm. Flavio was also the National Director of Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental Paraguay in 2017.

Lucia Florentino

Adm Director

Attorney privileged information, protected by Brazilian Law 8.906/94. The unauthorized use and/or disclosure of this information will be subject to legal action. If you receive this transmission in error or other circumstance, please, notify us, immediately, by email: luciaflorentino@adv.oabsp.org.br

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